Party Gaming Founders to Throw in Their Towels

Two of the four founders and board members of the hugely successful Party Gaming online casino and online poker company have decided to sell their stock portions and call it quits. There is no sign of bad blood with any of the board members, which seems to be more motivated out of knowing when they’ve had enough of a good thing and wanting to enjoy the extremely profitable fruits of their labor.

Party Gaming Founders to Throw in Their TowelsOne of the two, Anurag Dikshit, has been part of the Party Gaming online casino team since rather early on after he was recruited at the young age of 25 to design the gaming software that the online casino would use to power its platform. Given his pivotal roll in the development of the company, he was soon made into a board member and one of the primary holders of the online casino company’s stock at thirty-one percent.

The other is Vikrant Bhargava who holds about eight and a half percent of the company’s shares and is anticipating leaving the company at the end of this year, while Dikshit is planning on staying on as a technical consultant and perhaps just trading his portion in for a cash amount. If he does decide to sell his shares, he will possibly reap over one-and-a-half billion pounds. That sounds like a nice little retirement nest egg, if you ask me.

The primary force behind the online casino, husband and wife team Ruth Parasol and Russ DeLeon, are also rumored to be considering selling a portion of their almost forty percent hold on the online casino, but there is no confirmation at this point in time. The casino is based in Gibraltar and was primarily founded by Ruth – a San Francisco native lawyer with a past in the phone sex industry until she found her calling in the online casino industry.

Practice and Experience Help Gamblers Turn Pro

Experience is the key to becoming an excellent gambler, no matter how great your memory is or how much book knowledge you possess. This does not mean that you have to make costly errors and go out and lose thousands of dollars making silly mistakes in the casino. However, it does mean you need to play as many hands as you can on a consistent basis.

Just like any professional sports player who practices their game every day of the week, to be at the top of your gambling game, you need to give yourself a little time each day to play a few hands, put a strategy to the test, and/or run card drills to help ingrain game rules and strategy moves.

An excellent way to do this is by either obtaining a free membership at an online casino and opening a practice account. You are then eligible to play just about every standard casino game you can think of as much as you like – and with fake money. Or, if you prefer, grab a deck of cards, and deal yourself hands.

Using a good strategy and drilling, you will become a pro in as little as a few months time. Remember, it is experience that counts – resulting from dedicated and consistent practice.