BetMarkets to Cover Land-Based and Online Sports Betting

The online sports betting industry is happy to hear they will be well represented at the first ever BetMarkets Conference held Monday. Signed up for the itinerary are keynote speakers from gambling giants like BetFair, SportingBet and Ladbrokes, whom will discuss a variety of topics related to the sports betting industry.

Deemed a “senior level conference”, BetMarkets is for both online and land-based sports betting operators who are seeking to expand their services in blossoming markets, develop industry contacts, culminate new marketing schemes, circumnavigate legal obstacles and develop new online gaming technology. All the aforementioned are just a few of the topics that will be covered via conference talkbacks and workshops.

BetMarkets to Cover Land-Based and Online Sports BettingOne of the most anticipated speakers will be Jean Bergevin, who is Head of Unit in DG MRKT – the branch responsible for sports betting activities in the European Commission. Bergevin will be speaking on the current and future growth trends for the European gambling industry, to include both the online and land-based sectors. Other speakers include Kevin Hopgood from International Business Development at Ladbrokes, Sisal CEO – Giorgio Sandi, Sales Director at SportingBet – Matt Jellicoe and BetFair’s Northern Europe Business Development Manager, Jacob Weinreich.

Thos parties interested in attending can either choose to register for full access to all sessions and classes over both days or to simply participate in the networking breaks and social events scheduled throughout the conference. The ATE Online  offers a registration page, as well as a full itinerary of the scheduled events.

Online Skill Gaming Catapults Gin Rummy into High Stakes

Gin Rummy is making a rise comparable to what was witnessed at the beginning of the online poker rage. According to GameAccount, skill gaming is starting to become very popular as a result of many bettors who are slowly becoming familiar with online gambling, or who fear reprisals from authorities in jurisdictions that ban online gambling. GameAccount says that Gin Rummy is especially taking off. In the past, the game would generate, on average, $25 in wagers per month from each player. Now, the game is bringing in over $50 per player each month. Average stakes are going over $10 a game, which does indeed sound more like a game of poker than Gin Rummy.

Skill gaming is even starting to attract mainstream online gamblers to its higher stakes games. For one, skill gaming is legal in many countries that look unfavorably on online casinos. Secondly, the competition is not nearly as fierce as it can be in the online poker room. Especially in the U.S. many would-be online casino goers are taking the safer route by indulging in skill games, which not only are fun and entertaining, but are now proving to generate substantial winnings. The skill gaming industry is already valued at approximately $270 million, and is expected to nearly double in just two years at the rate it is currently growing. s like GameAccount are excited to hear the news, and are doing everything they can to provide updates on their software, as well servicing their dynamically growing database of patrons.