All-Weather Track at UK Casino Wolverhampton Racecourse in the Clear

All-Weather Track at UK Casino Wolverhampton Racecourse in the Clear

This last November and December were grim months for the Wolverhampton racecourse at Dunstall Park, UK. Over the course of these two months, five horses were killed while racing on Wolverhampton’s all-weather racetrack. When two more horses lost their lives at the track in mid-January, making a total of seven deaths in little over two months, the non-profit charity, Animal Aid, stepped in and strongly voiced their concerns that excessive compaction of the track was directly responsible for the horse fatalities.

Prodded by these concerns, the Horseracing Regulatory Authority undertook an investigational probe, the results of which were recently revealed. According to the report, Wolverhampton management and track caretakers were not found to be negligent. Negating the claims of Animal Aid, the report concluded that it was “highly unlikely” that a change in track conditions or improper maintenance caused the horse fatalities. Nonetheless, Animal Aid has reiterated their concerns that it is “highly unlikely” that seven horses would die in the matter of two months simply by coincidence.

Wolverhampton’s racecourse is one of the oldest in the UK. It has been operating since 1887, and was Britain’s first floodlit horse racing track. Hosting over 100 fixtures each year, Wolverhampton is one of the busiest racecourses in the UK as well. In 1993, the old-style racecourse was refurbished with a Fibreside track running adjacent to the turf racetrack and floodlights. In 2004, both the Fibreside and turf tracks were replaced by the current all-weather, Polytrack surface that has some people questioning its durability and safety.

Powerball Jackpot Takes the Limelight Back From MegaMillions

Following the largest lottery jackpot ever in North America, the “other” multi-state lottery has been building an impressive jackpot of its own. Powerball, which is played in twenty-nine states, the U.S. Virgin Islands and District of Columbia, now has an accumulated jackpot worth $165 million following Saturday’s draw. The jackpot has been accumulating since late January, shortly following the tenth largest jackpot ever won in the world – a $254 million jackpot won by a family in Missouri.

In the last couple of weeks, Powerball went slightly under the radar, or, at least was being out-staged by the Mega Millions lottery, which had been rolling over for nearly two months to amass a jackpot over $400,000 million. However, now Powerball is back in the stage light, and will likely see an increase in ticket sales for its next draw on Wednesday night. Although nobody won the top prize for the last drawing, one ticket buyer earned $1 million in cash for hitting the Power Play option, while five other players won $200,000 each for getting five correct numbers, minus the Powerball.

Overall, a total of $8.6 million was awarded to nearly 790,000 players on Saturday night, and nearly $35 million in tickets were bought by players between Thursday and Saturday. As for the Powerball option, which multiplies winnings 2-5 times (depending on how much the player puts down and the number of correctly matched numbers), over 122,000 players multiplied their winnings by five times. Thirty eight players won $10,000 cash with four correct numbers, while nine players won $50,000 with the five-times Power Play option.