Meet the Craps Personnel in a Casino

With all of the casino personnel hovering over the craps table, it can be confusing for a new player on how to interact with all those standing at the craps table. The personnel consist of a boxman, inside dealers, stickman, and floor supervisor, who may not all be standing at a single table at one time. You can always bet on the boxman, inside dealers and stickman to be present, though.

Meet the Craps Personnel in a Casino

The boxman is responsible for insuring all transactions take place fairly and are not disputed. He controls all chips in the bank and insures payouts are made correctly. He also has the power to negate a die roll.

You will interact the most with the inside dealers, who are at each end of the table. They are responsible for answering all questions, placing chips in their proper places, and collecting and paying out winnings.

The stickman is responsible for controlling the dice. He gives the dice to the shooter and also handles center bets.

As for the floor supervisor, he is responsible for giving out credits to players, watching for cheaters, and monitoring all players. The pit boss will be present as well, who is essentially there to insure everyone else is doing their jobs.

Online casino players have been reading many articles regarding the recovery efforts to storm-stricken Mississippi casinos. Originally after Katrina past through the Gulf Coast pummeling the area’s 13 casinos, reports were saying that the Beau Rivage was probably the least damaged casino in the area.

Well, the $800 million massive casino resort in Biloxi is worse for wear than first imagined. The resort’s Las Vegas-based parent company, MGM Mirage Inc., now expects the Beau Rivage will be the single-biggest loss of any of the casinos in the area. For sure, the bigger the casino, the more money it could cost to fix. More square footage means that more could go wrong.

Representatives estimate that repairing the casino resort, that contains over 1,700 hotel rooms, might take hundreds of millions of dollars once complete. What’s more, the project will take over a year. This comes as a blow to the nearly 3,500 casino employees that worked there.

Even thought the casino resort was constructed to handle the wind speeds equaling those of a category 5 storm, the main damage is located inside the resort buildings.

The storm surge is what appears to be the culprit for the extensive damage. It looks as thought (from the outside) that the resort is in better condition. The flood damage ravaged the interior of the Beau Rivage. We will keep our online casino fans posted on the recovery efforts.